About Me

What I do

When it comes to tech, I've done cloud, devops, people management, AI and machine learning, robotics, and more. Why so many things? Because I am always looking for an interesting problem to solve and a new challenge.

What I bring to those I work with is

  • I put massive emphasis on principled, design oriented building. This means optimizing the end-to-end utility of a product instead of aspects like feature parity or theoretical capability.
  • I take an "occam's razor" approach to problem solving -- finding the smallest solution to a given problem.
  • I insist on having a top-to-bottom understanding of technicals, from the base axioms to the high level emergent patterns of any system I am working with.

Quick Details

Thanks for reading!

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My cat says thanks for reading this wall of text!

I am thankful to have worked with and learned from so many amazing people. I hope to continue leaning, building, and having fun. If you want to chat, don't hesitate to reach out :)